Outdoor Electrical Safety Precautions In Perth

Every year, the state of Perth and other parts of the Western Australia experiences high winds, electrical storms and too much rainfall. This can bring about debris and harm in vegetation that may affect the outdoor or overhead power lines. It is highly advisable to call a professional electrical contractor if you notice any fallen power line or ruined electrical connection leading to your home and community.

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Safety Tips If Your Home Is Near A Power Line

Power lines transport power at distinctive voltages up to 330,000 volts. The higher off the ground the line is, the more amazing the voltage it will convey and transmit to your home. Anything that comes into contact with a power line, including the human body, will conduct electricity. Then again, power can additionally “bend” or hop up to six meters. Thus, a contact with a power line may not be needed for electric shock to happen. The higher the voltage and dampness of the encompassing air, the further power can jump up.

Keep in mind that power lines are unsafe especially during an extreme weather condition like; storms, hurricane, and heavy rain. Don’t get excessively close or toss objects onto the posts or lines during a critical weather situation and stay indoors s much as you can.

Clashing Conductors Safety Precautions

Electrical conductors are the wires that transport power over the system to residential and establishment consumers. In cases of high winds, or in combo with other compelling or unexpected weather conditions, for example, high temperatures, conductors may sway and move in odd ways heading them to touch or come in close enough closeness to one another that power can bend between the conductors. This “clashing” can bring about sparks and in some cases the melted and burning metal parts may drop to the ground, which in a few circumstances can prompt fires and dangerous circumstances in your vicinity. If you see the conductors clashing or behaving in an unusual way, please note the area and report to the power company in the Perth area so they can dispatch their team of professional lineman electricians to check the damaged conductors.

Personal Well being Tips

1. Always assume that power lines are live. If by chance that you see a power line that has tumbled to ground DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO PICK IT UP or to move it off the beaten path. Call an electrical services contractor quickly.

2. Don’t meddle with power lines in any capacity – climbing posts, touching wires or tossing articles onto power lines can bring about electric shock and electrical power interruption.

3. Don’t touch anything that is touching any part of the power lines for instance tree limbs. This may imply that the tree is “live” and may electrocute you.


4. Know where the power lines in your area are located. Look around and check where the closest power lines are when you are:

-Cleaning the gutters, drains, windows or tops, for example, painting the roof or installing a TV antenna.

-Working from stepping stools, trestles, aluminum ladders, or platform (particularly the metal ones).

-Working in a farm house, barn, and construction sites.

-When moving tall things around your home.

-When trimming or pruning trees and other vegetation around your house.

-Flying a helicopter or a lightweight flyer.


It would be ideal if you take a minute to acclimate yourself with the location of the power lines so you will know what to do if an electrical mishap happens. Have an ocular inspection of your vicinity and be observant of what goes on outdoors during extreme weather conditions, it is more better to be safe than sorry afterwards if any unforeseen circumstances happen. Contact an electrical service contractor right away if there are fallen lines and swaying conductors in your area in Perth.